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17 Aug 2020 13:12
Pets and Art, Antiques and Collectibles Do Not Mix. See short video on repairing a ripped oil painting.
2 Jan 2018 10:52
Heisey Glass has been on the radar since big wooden barrels of the early American glass were shipped to shops all over America in the early 1900s. Still plentiful in Ohio and area antique stores, the elegant glassware of yesterday is now a relic of days gone by. Bridge sets, individual ash trays and ornate dishes are now found in old photos and on antique auction sites.
22 Nov 2017 09:17
There are certain group of people who are interested in collecting antiques and collectibles. Antique collection is a passionate and profitable hobby.
14 Oct 2017 12:41
The ancient traditions of spirituality and design pave the way to inner wisdom or rising of soul vibrations which incorporates an association with Mother Earth. Keep in mind the end goal is to manage the elevated amounts of cognizance and have the capacity to coordinate these higher energies into our physical bodies. We need to spiritualize our physicality to be able to enjoy delight, prosperity and unity that the universe offers us. Mother Earth has buried in her, miraculous life giving treasures and limitless cosmic wisdom in her harmonious cycle of seasons, bottomless seas, nurturing soil, precious stones and rocks, plant and animals for us to take advantage of. We fortify our indispensable wholeness and well being by stimulating and recognizing ourselves. We manifest a little planet Earth inside ourselves with the 5 elements of air, water, fire, sun and ether as stated in the ancient text of Ayurveda. Our reality alone is a confirmation of it.
4 Jul 2017 11:15
Finding a certified appraiser to evaluate your antique furniture or jewelry would be the first step to a successful sale. Here are few tips on how to get your antique items appraised.
21 Jun 2017 09:11
If you found a piece of antique furniture or an old sculptures and don't know how much it worth, this article is for you. Here you'll find few tips about antiques estimation.
24 May 2017 09:01
Looking for antiques online? Here are few websites well known among antiques sellers, who prefer to sell their goods online.
24 May 2017 09:00
Antique stores can be difficult to locate so the internet would be the first place in finding a local store that offers a selection of antique furniture, glass or jewelry. Sites such as Craigslist can offer an easy solution for selling an old item, but it can be a hassle to pay online fees and also to collect payment from buyers. Another issue includes the package being damaged due to shipping as well.
24 Jan 2017 14:41
Antique jewelry is often very valuable, and purchasing jewelry cost a substantial amount of money. Then again you are able to buy antique jewelry, wholesale as well - knowing where to look.
20 Jan 2017 14:30
Many have the misconception that antiques are very expensive than they can afford. Searching for antiques is a great way to spend the afternoon and you may be blown away with the amount of good discounts you find. The hardest thing is that people don't understand the real value of an object they are looking at in an antique shop.
12 Oct 2016 15:00
Most of the skulls and skeletons in famous museums are replica fossils. Replicas can protect the real fossils, as real fossils were so fragile and heavy that displaying them in museums may damage the fossils.
23 Aug 2016 12:32
Make that vintage brass or copper umbrella stand look like new. Oxidized, tarnished, or corroded umbrella stands can be refinished for years of enjoyment using these simple techniques.
15 Aug 2016 10:19
Treasured antiques can be restored to museum quality by using simple mold making and casting techniques to replace missing or damaged pieces.The author shares some of these molding-casting techniques through the article.
15 Jun 2016 12:17
Do you want to keep from paying too much for your product at a flea market or yard sale? I will explain to you how to tell the difference between an antique and a reproduction.
4 Apr 2016 12:12
There can be an argument made for owning reproduction porcelain signs. Whether you purchase for yourself or to resell in your store, reproduction porcelain signs should be an option to explore.
31 Mar 2016 12:23
Its important to know the difference between a fake porcelain sign and a real porcelain sign. Without some tips, you can make a costly mistake.
24 Feb 2016 11:28
Home interiors Indian style, the harmony of space and eastern designs are interwoven with regional traditional artwork and architecturals. Meharab foliated style arches, carved stone columns,pillars and screens (jalis), armoires, antique doors, temple carvings, panels, sideboards and intricately detailed design recall the Mughal forms of India.
18 Dec 2015 14:57
One man's trash is another man's treasure. These valuable antiques were found tucked away in attics, walls, and thrift stores, waiting to make their discoverer rich!
30 Oct 2015 10:48
As with any worthwhile endeavor completing a bit of homework prepares you for the task at hand. In this instance the task is displaying your growing collection of antique furniture, art and/or accessories in your home. Defining your personal relationship with antiques and clearly understanding the type of antiques to which you are drawn are the points of homework that provide the springboard for displaying your collection. Here are the two best ways to live with your antiques:
29 Oct 2015 11:19
A clear understanding of how you envision antiques in your home is a solid starting point in understanding how to decorate with these strong designing tools. It's no exaggeration to say that successfully using antiques is predicated on knowing what you want to accomplish in your home. The strategy required to fill an entire house with period perfect pieces will vary greatly from the homeowner seeking one sculptural piece to offset a collection of modern art and furnishings. But equal to this understanding is the need to clearly see yourself in one of the following 5 collecting categories.
29 Oct 2015 10:48
For some the thought of living with 'old things' is repellent, but for those who've experienced the richness afforded by a well selected and smartly placed antique, the experience is more thrilling than traumatizing. To better understand your relationship with antiques here are some thoughts on the reality of that relationship and how it plays out in the real world.
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